think about the last time you had unfiltered access to both extensive research on women's economic rights in mozambique and a review on the local female artisan scene in senegal at the tip of your fingers?

i wager you cannot recall a time (and if you can, email me, let's be friends please).

empower46 (e46- if you're funky) is for the writers, researchers, the curious, the insatiable, the keen, students, mothers, fathers, siblings, the africans, the outsiders, the somethings, who are aware of the dearth of information they have on female rights and stories on the vast beautiful african continent.

it is for you.

join us, and we'll send you a bi-weekly newsletter centered on stories, research and articles about female development and female struggles from different nations on the continent. 

we are passionate about better educating everyone about the rights, struggles, goals, and breakthroughs of our women.

i'm so glad you're here.


Nneoma Nwankwo